The adventures of an unlucky gnome


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Nubarron is an adventure and platform game in 2D in which you control Nubarron, a gnome that had his hat stolen by an evil orc. His mission, obviously, is to recover the hat from the thief, who lives in a castle outside of the forest.

The gameplay is in between traditional Super Mario Bros games and the Castlevania saga. This means that a good part of the game is a platformer, although there is also time for action, including fighting against giant bosses.

In the beginning of the game a dark cloud follows you around, representing the bad luck the main character has. This means that you have to constantly dodge the lightning strikes it generates if you want to survive.

Nubarron is a pretty difficult and fun platform game in 2D with excellent graphics. The game includes lots of achievements that expand the content you can play with.
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